We have successfully completed the first residential development by an African woman within central business district of Pretoria North.
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The Business Model Incorporates build, operate and manage. The development consists of forty two-bedroom units as a two story walk up with undercover parking.

With the support of our funders National Housing Finance Corporation Limited and Gauteng Partnership Fund we are well geared to identify, acquire and develop immovable property that will add to our Property Portfolio.

We received the Prestigious Best Woman Entrepreneur of the year award for 2016 and our development was recognised as the best development in the Entrepreneur Category.

We currently have two Pipe lined Projects:

1) 12157 Block A Mabopane, zoned residential 3 for 30 two bedroom units which we invision to be the first green building in Mabopane.

2) 20 Ha in Sebokeng, planned for a mixed use development including a water purifying plant.

Facilities Management Services

Our approach to facility management is simple. Facilitate a safe, efficient environment, fit for purpose and offering an excellent experience. With our construction and engineering expertise and background in asset management we can assist in delivering value with the use of proven business processes backed by the appropriate systems .

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soft services
These services refer to all non-technical facility management needs

Access control
Cleaning services
Gardens and landscaping
Security services
Environmental care and protection

technical services
Technical services are usually engineering based and refer to all facility management requirements related to systems and physical asset maintenance

Building management systems, maintenance and repairs
CCTV and security systems
Electrical, lighting and air conditioning system
Statutory compliance

Construction/Development Services

With 10 years in the built environment, Reatha has delivered over 1000 residential units. Our Professional team is what makes us extremely proud and self-confident.
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We specialize in General Building and Civil Engineering construction services.

Our current project is the Refurbishment of the Alexander Nobuhle M2 hostel into 660 rental units and one creche. Reatha has completed 408 of the 660 units to date.

Negotiations are being initiated to erect the creche as a green build utilizing new green building methodologies.

We have also completed the Replacement of AC Bulk Water pipeline and Refurbishment of the WTW Control Chamber and Construction of Bypass Line at Molopo Eye.
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